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1 Jan 2014

If you have a detectable pulse and enjoy bird life, then make haste to Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge.  Anyone possessed of those two faculties cannot fail to love Bosque. 

Unlike every other wildlife refuge in this great nation, the public area at Bosque is off limits to hunting.  It is a true refuge for wildlife, not a killing field in disguise.  Instead of fleeing in terror at the sight of you, birds at Bosque are all around.  Watch as  thousands of  Sandhill Cranes and tens of thousands of ducks and Snow Geese go nonchalantly about their daily lives.  You are not their mortal enemy here.  

Bosque is most alive at dawn & dusk.  The air resonates with honking and crying and quacking the likes of which you will not experience anywhere else.

Mass of Snow Geese

Say's-Phoebe.jpg (161792 bytes)  




Almost lost amid the hubbub are quiet perching birds like Say's Phoebe.  It is named for Thoma Say, whose field of study was insects.  Which of course are the staple of the diet of Say's Phoebe.

RT Hawk In a true refuge for birds, even the raptors may become confiding.  Try getting this close to an immature Red-tailed Hawk anywhere else.  Good luck..
2 Jan 2014

At last count, Bosque harbored 100,050 ducks.  All except the 50 were Northern Pintails.


Northern Pintails
N Harrier Bosque isn't Velavadar NP in India, with its 4 species of harriers.  But the Northern Harriers here are common and pay little heed to the photographer..
We all close a day at Bosque at the western ponds.  Here come hundreds of Sandhill Cranes gliding in to spend the night safe from coyotes.  Then we hurry back to Socorro and Frank and Lupe's El Sombrero.   We sip beer, look over our images, and dine on a tasty chalupa.  Is this the good life or what? Crane landing