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Please click on the thumbnail images below to view a larger version.  As time permits I will add more images.  This page was created in November 2000; new photos were last added in April 2010.

Ipomopsis (3238 bytes)
Standing Cypress new

Dwarf Crested Iris (5291 bytes)
Dwarf Crested Iris

WAKEROBIN.sm.jpg (5180 bytes)
Purple Wakerobin

TRILLIUMS.sm.jpg (7845 bytes)

PHACELIACLOSEUP.sm.jpg (4640 bytes)
White Fringed Phacelia

azaleared_sm.jpg (4045 bytes)
Flame Azalea

Prairie Flax (4200 bytes)
Prairie Flax

tickseed-sm (4617 bytes)

ECHINACEA_sm.jpg (4568 bytes)

CACTUSsm.jpg (4681 bytes)

Bluebonnet-field (4698 bytes)

MARIPOSALILYsm.jpg (4842 bytes)
Tiburon Mariposa Tulip

SNOWPLANTsm.jpg (5494 bytes)
Snow Plant

Fritillary(4752 bytes)
Gulf Fritillary on Thistle

EveningPrimroseSm-9707C.jpg (4434 bytes)
Evening Primrose

Indian Paintbrush (4295 bytes)
Indian Paintbrush

MeadowPink (4870 bytes)
Meadow Pink

Squirrel Corn

California Poppies  new