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Please click on the thumbnail images below to view a larger version.  This page was created in November 2000.  New photos were last added in November 2004.

Bison (4714 bytes)
American Bisonnew

SageCreekBasin_sm.jpg (3778 bytes)
Sage Creek Basin, SD

Mule Deer (4804 bytes)
Mule Deer

Gore Range (4720 bytes)
Gore Range, CO

Elk Meadow (5247 bytes)
Elk Meadow

BCNPFORMATIONsm.jpg (4994 bytes)
Bryce Canyon, UT

Hollis Canyon (4073 bytes)
Hollis Canyonnew

SUNSET_sm.jpg (3250 bytes)
Sand Hills, NE

ROADCREEK_sm.jpg (5282 bytes)
Road Prong, TN

Bighorn Sheep (4756 bytes)
Bighorn Sheep

White-tailed-Buck (3374 bytes)
White-tailed Deernew

Prairie-Dogs (4833 bytes)
Prairie Dogsnew

Longhorns (4404 bytes)
Texas Longhorn Cattlenew